Opera Software Launches Opera Mini 2.0

Opera Software today announced a new version of its micro-browser for non-smartphones, Opera Mini 2.0. The new version of Opera Mini builds on the previous version’s success as a downloadable Java application that brings the full web browsing experience to 2.5G and 3G non-smartphones, by reformatting the page to make it accessible to devices with small screens. New features in Opera Mini 2.0 included content download to the phone, the ability to change the browser’s visual skin, multisearch to allow users to select extra search engines for the homepage, speed dial for bookmarks similar to the phones speed dial, and quick horizontal and vertical panning when browsing backwards or forwards. Java compatible phone users can download the browser direct to their handset by visiting http://mini.opera.com from their phone, or by visiting the Opera Mini SMS page to request the browser be sent to their handset for a small fee.

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